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Dear Gawker, please stay.


Yo Nick: We know you have servers and history and traffic and all that other crud, but your network of sites is so perfect for Tumblr that it will be like sucking the life out of the room when your server rack gets put back together and you return to the internet in your scrolly, advertisey, comment-mess-withy form. Obviously this was a necessary backup — and we understand if you don’t choose to stay, and glad that your staff is doing OK enough after the hurricane that you’re keeping the content flowing — but this is such a good fit for your style of writing that it actually feels like you’ve been running a Tumblr on here for five years as opposed to twelve hours. Here, we’ll even make a deal: When Adrian Chen decides to unmask a creepy dude from Reddit again, just put a jump on it! We’ll all click!

And for Tumblr, let’s make the inverted argument: Gawker and Buzzfeed could have taken their sites to Angelfire or Xoom, but they chose Tumblr. Doesn’t this scream opportunity? There are some great sites on Tumblr already — but there could be some next-level people-doing-it-for-a-living types on here (including the aforementioned) if you worked on your monetization strategy a little more and thought about how to get publishers a little help.

Basically, what we’re saying is that this format is perfect for you, Gawker, even though this is a backup pair of white denim jeans because you spilled pomegranate juice on your other pair. Just a thought.

YES. If you read any of the Gawker sites, reblog this! Or, well, reblogging might not do anything. But Gawker in Tumblr form is pretty great.

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    With a little bit of work, tumblr could be a “real” publishing platform :)
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    All that crud. Cleanup could...a very long time.
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    And take Tumblr with you.
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    YES. If you read any of the Gawker sites, reblog this! Or, well, reblogging might not do anything. But Gawker in Tumblr...
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    GURLPAGES. Oh man that takes me back.